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It is just a pity that I postponed the viewing for so long.

I surely could watch the movie The Lord of your Rings: The Fellowship with the Ring in the internet cinema 123 movie completely no cost and without viewing ads - I propose this glorious site to everyone who loves movies and TV shows.

Emotions: definitely one of those films which will make you sit behind the screen and observe holding your inhale especially battle or soul-playing moments. Such a great film that I had to watch at this kind of late time personally, this also is incredibly annoying, because having watched it even years earlier and in a younger period for any film (and the film is 20 years old), I'd have admired even greater than now (in look at age and freshness with the film), thereby I possibly could show and consult with those who have not watched a very exquisitely verified film as well as film which has such interesting events and directorial decisions. This film will not be amazed, i believe, that admitting impotence to oneself in good taste and admiration for such an excellent product of cinema.

Briefly: 9.5 points.

Further, a well-founded opinion.

Movie components (0, 0.5 or 1 point per point, then an points are summed up):

• relatively objective

Concept and plot / dialogues

It is see-through that an original source by means of Jay Tolkien's books just storehouse of opportunities for film adaptation, of course, looking at the method to the direction itself. The film literally grabs you against the primary shots and goes to the world of Middle-earth with its peculiarities of coexistence of peoples and the problems of the people around it. A world that shuddered before the strength of opposing forces and also a pendulum so rapidly swinging relating to the dualism of the world: light and darkness, good and evil. Development, interaction along with exposure very clearly convey the alignment of forces and events developing, and to every one this, the potential progression of the plot. Undoubtedly - 1 point.

Game of actors / elaboration and persuasiveness of characters

The names of the leading characters and villains are immediately remembered, because each character is different, for both the plot and also for the viewer. But the transience of a few of the storylines of the characters and without an even more complete background does not make me bother about everyone. Some have an overabundance sympathy, others less. Maybe on this respect my personal opinion is usually changed by the director's cut, therefore - 0.5 points.

Shooting (editing, frame composition, special effects) / music, color scheme, lighting

The cinematography and directorial decisions found in the moments of the exposition of both the world and the characters are quite impressive. That is combined with tricks, which is so attractive from the symbiosis of handwork of artists, costume designers, directors - how they look for the perfect balance between graphics and handicraft. 20 years later, the film still provides a jump start to all or any the films that came outside in the previous few, with a focus on graphics and exactly the same handwork. As well as musical accompaniment and the leading musical theme are my separate admiration. The art of pumping up a wider array of emotions personal computer may be will be worth a lot. - 1 point

Will it be good included in the genre?

The standard, itrrrs this that this film conveys -1 point.

Originality / realism / consistency

The originality of fantasy and its particular logic would be extremely difficult to spoil, provided that the article author on the books Jay Tolkien has devoted more than 15 numerous years of his life to tra

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